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 Scott Svihula of Hula Consulting and Firedancer Coffee Consultants in conjunction with the endorsement of World Tea Academy, have designed this exciting new 1, 2, and 3-day certified tea education program.  World Tea Academy is the leading online tea education and tea training certification program, developed with the oversight and input of an unprecedented group of tea industry experts and luminaries. 

First-Rate Course Offering

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From seed to cup this tea education course builds on the basic foundation to help you understand the: Industry Terminology, Production, and Evaluation Practices. This course then takes you on a journey around the world to learn about teas from origin and taste the most popular teas of today; including those of Africa and South America.  Next, this course breaks away from true tea and discusses the role herbal tisane infusions play. Finally, experiment with creating your own custom teas through  flavoring and blending. 

Student Review

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 "The Certified Tea Craftsman Course that Scott and his team have put together is a thorough and well laid out course that helps attendees quickly and easily gain the necessary knowledge and tools to source and create unique tea flavors and blends." Jessica Boyd, Owner: Tea Sip, Houston, Texas (tea retailer and manufacturer) 

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