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Certified Tea Craftsman™

This complete intensive 3-day tea training seminar will give you the knowledge to be a tea star within your organization. From seed to cup we will build on a basic foundation of tea to help you understand the industry, terminology, production and evaluation practice to give you tea knowledge. We will then take you on a passport journey around the world learning about teas from origin and tasting the most popular teas of today. Next, we will break away from true tea and discus the role herbal tisane teas play. Finally, this tea class will discuss and experiment with creating your own custom teas through scenting, flavoring and blending. Walk away from this tea seminar with the knowledge you need to expand your tea business on your own!

Level 1 - $400

This one-day tea education certification will focus on building the foundations of tea history, culture, production and professional evaluating the 6 basic types of tea (white, green, yellow, oolong, black, & dark). In this tea training, you will come away knowing:

  • History & Tradition
  • Growing, Cultivation, and Production
  • Post- Production Processes
  • How Tea is Graded
  • Review the Different Delivery Methods for Consuming Tea
  • Understand the Difference between Specialty and Commodity Tea
  • How to Professionally Cup and Evaluate Tea

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Level 2 - $800

This is a tea training two-day program. The first day of tea class will be an in-depth exploration of the traditional countries or origin for tea; with a review of the cultural influence, brewing methods, and production methods used to make each country’s tea. Additionally, we will cup and evaluate several teas from each country and discuss their use. At the end of the day we will review teas from Africa and South America which play a role in tea consumed in the United States. In this part, you will come away knowing:

  • Teas of Traditional Origin - China, Taiwan, Japan, India, & Sri Lanka
  • Teas that are Often Found in US Teas from Africa and South America

The second day will be a review and tea tasting of the most common herbal / tisane “teas” sold in the US, as well as, botanical ingredients that are used in creating custom tea blends. We will discuss how tea is scented and how this differs from flavored teas. We will review how to properly evaluate flavors for tea and how to apply flavoring to teas. Finally, we will talk about proper blending methodology for creating custom blended teas. In this part, you will come away knowing:

  • How herbal / tisane teas differ from real tea
  • What botanicals are used in the creation of custom teas
  • How scented teas are made and how they differ from flavored teas
  • What regulatory compliance is required to manufacture your own tea
  • How to create flavored teas
  • How to create blended teas

** Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2. **

Foundation and Intermediate – Tea Craftsman™ Level 1 & 2 | 3 days 

$1080 (includes a 10% education bundle discount.) 

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